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Stretched or Clumped: Which option works for you?

14 Nov

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 00.24.16

The picture above is from PinkeCube, her hair type is 4c, PinkeCube is using the ‘Maximum Hydration Method’ to define her curls. Her curls are amazingly Clumped and Moisturised. To understand how PinkCube has obtain this level of curl definition, read below and watch her video.

Fuzzy Hair 

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 00.10.41

We natural hair heads (specially type 4b and c) are used to see our hair in a fuzz. A kind of a ‘cloud’, with no really curl definition… And we’ve learned to love and rock it ! Many of us have tried so many ‘Wash n Go’s with no real satisfaction, that we don’t even know that we could choose otherwise ! And frankly our ‘cloud’ looks truly gorgeous 🙂  But, wearing our hair in an afro (not clumped) is not ideal for length retention…

Now, if we choose to, our fuzzy head could be a full head of well clumped, well curled, well moisturised, hair; and that, totally naturally (no wave, no weave, no Texlaxer). (Thank you #PinkeCube) Or a head of well stretched hair…Let see how we can retain hair length by keeping our cloud Stretched (which protective styling does) or keeping it Clumped (with maximum hydration)


Stretched Hair

We generally strugglScreen Shot 2015-11-01 at 23.51.44e to define our curls and most of us don’t even believe it is possible for natural 4b/c to have a defined curl pattern ! Since we believe it has no curl pattern, we wear it ‘fuzzy’ ! In its fuzzy state, our hair, will have the tendency to catch on fabrics and rough surfaces. Catching on and pulling will lead to the hair breaking up!  Repetitive catching on and pulling will lead to no length retention! So although an afro is beautiful, it is not the best, if we plan length retention…

Unless, like many Youtubers and Naturals you opt for styles that stretch our ‘cloud’, then protect the strands from breaking.. Protective styling options (Buns, twist, …), or low manipulation stretched styles (bantu-knots out, twist out, braid out..) allow to reduce the amount of kink in the hair, reducing therefore hair ‘snaps’ by ‘catch and pull’.

The Youtuber that best represent to me low manipulation stretched styles for length retention is JoStylin. JoStylin is now HipLength, thanks to keeping her hair stretched and in protective styling on a regular Basis. (Credit to JoStylin)


Clumped Hair
Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 23.49.17
Now, some Naturals including some Youtubers, barely do ‘Protective Styling’ or stretch their hair and still manage to retain a great deal of length !

How to they do it ?
The secret lady is to get your cloud to form a head of well defined curls. That way, when the curl pattern is well defined, there is almost no need for protective styling!! Why is it ? Because, the individual strands of hair have less chances to catch on fabrics since they are clumped together into defined curls.

The best way to get our hair to clump is the MHM (Maximum Hydration Method – PinkeCube). See article here

The Youtuber that best represent to me low manipulation clumped styles for length retention is Bootyfurl. Bootyfurl is now TailBone length thanks to saturating her hair with moisture (and very often ‘bagging’ her hair). (Credit to Bootyfurl)


So Ladies, are you more #Stretched or #Clumped ?

You can choose either methods or both, as ways to always ensure that your hair is always well moisturised and protected from breakage ! That will make significant difference in your hair length retention journey 🙂

Type 4c Hair – Maximum Hydration Wash n Go

14 Nov

Yessss ! You read it well ladies !!!

Curl definition method for type 4 Hair ! Even us type 4c ! 

That sounds like real HEAVEN, right ?  And thanks to our Brillant PinkeCube, many of us are discovering the true beauty of our hair when it is properly hydrated ! And I mean Saturated with Hydration !

You thought your hair wouldn’t, couldn’t ‘Curl & Clump’? Gurl please ! Play the video, your mind will be blown away ! This ‘Maximum Hydration Method’ is simply fantastic ! The method infuse your hair with moisture, leaving it soft and manageable. Your curl pattern will be apparent, and your hair will still have movement.

Definitely not the usual ‘Wash n Go’ ladies !

So from all 4c Naturals around, massive thank you to you PinkeCube for sharing your knowledge and helping us loving our Kinks !!

The Recipe for True Friendship – Anatomy of Trust

14 Nov


B.R.A.V.I.N.G is the recipe for TRUST (Credit to Brene Brown)

B       Boundaries. I trust you if you are clear about your boundaries and hold them. I trust you if you are clear about my boundaries and you respect them. There is no Trust without boundaries.

R       Reliability. I can only trust you if you do what you say you are going to do. You cannot get Trust if you are reliable only once, but only if you are reliable over and over (with consistency). Deliver on your commitments.

A       Accountability. I can only trust you if, when you make a mistake, you are ready to own it, apologise for it, and make amends. I can only trust you, if when I make a mistake, I am allowed to own it, apologise for it and make amends.

V       Volt. What I share with you, you will hold in confidence. What you share with me, I will hold in confidence.

I        Integrity. Choosing courage over comfort, Choosing what is right, over what is fun, fast or easy. Practicing your values, not just professing your values.

N       Non-Judmental. I can fall apart, struggle and ask for help, without being judged by you. You can fall apart, struggle and ask for help, without being judge by me. Real trust does not exist if trust is not reciprocated and non-judgmental.

G       Generosity. A relationship, is only a trusting relationship if you can assume the most generous things about my words, intentions and behaviours. And then, check with me. So, if I screw up, you will make a generous assumption….


BRAVING Connection with Someone

With Love,


No More Dry Hands !

14 Nov

Hello GScreen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.42.01irls!

For those with dryyyyyyyy hands my like mine, finding a hand cream, can be a very tricky exercise !

I usually do not promote any particular brand or product (and I am currently not paid to do so), but I had to share a true gem, that I think may help many of us with ‘desperate builder’s hand’ ! lol

Creams I have tried in the past have left my hands feeling so greasy and sticky, that I had to wait FOREVER for the product to sink in and be able to use my hands again. In the meantime, I was constantly wondering, if I should wash it all off ! Lol ! I know many of us have experienced that already !

You will be happy to know that some brands have worked their tail off to come up with products that would leave your hands felling soft and silky !

I recently found one ! That is doing it !! I mean, it is leaving my skin silky and soft ! I didn’t even know it was possible ! lol !

The product is called ‘Hand Chemistry’ !! Congrats to their teams ! Really Great Work !

This product is a true Gem ! By the way, it has won many awards ! And as a chemical engineer specialised in developing cosmetic products, I usually think ‘Ha ! That is all marketing ‘ ! lol.. But not this time !! Really well done, the product is a true pleasure ! Easy to apply, light on the skin, sink in a second, no greasy after-feel, skin feeling 10 years younger,  plus, the smell is lovely ! Lol ! I love it !

NO MORE BUILDERS HANDS ! Happy dance ! Tears of Joy ! Lol !

The ingredients in the formulation are  really carefully chosen to leave the user with a pleasing after-feel !

Down side, the product is expensive.. So, if you think of giving it a try, you can start by the 30 ml ‘Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream’ !

The name of the product is making a substantial claim of the product being able to rejuvenate and maintaining the skin in an optimum state ! My experience of the product is a great one! So, if you are still in search of the one ! That might just be it !!!! Grab it and give it a chance to charm you !

                                                                            Happy Sunday Beauties !