Diet Impact: the Importance of Nutrients

25 Oct

Why are nutrients so crucial? What happens if we have deficiency?

Having moisturised hair will not help your hair to grow faster, it will just reduce risk of breakage. The growth rate of your hair is determined genetically but can be influenced by your diet.

Correct food is key to healthy hair growth. A mix of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein…) and a big supply of oxygen is necessary for a healthy hair growth. Your hair can fall or grow slower (which mean not reaching your ‘genetically determined’ optimal growth) if you have nutritional deficiencies. When your body has nutritional deficiencies it does re-prioritize the distribution of nutrients, so vital organs (like your heart and lungs) are served first, (hair follicles will not be considered a priority in that case). Nutrition is a key part of your hair growth regimen. Your hair ultimately reflects the overall condition of the body. When your health is at risk or you have nutritional deficiencies, hair may stop growing or become brittle. If your body is in good health, then, it is possible to maximize genetic growth cycle.

The needs (minerals, protein, vitamins) of your follicle (roots) MUST be satisfied so you can reach your optimum hair growth.

Certain food deficiencies will leave your hair to dry, stringy and dull, and occasionally your hair will shed. Generally nutritional hair loss can be restored once the deficiency has been corrected. So, let’s start eating properly !

When you are healthy it is possible to maximize your genetic growth cycle by eating the proper blend of amino acids (Protein forming blocks) and B-vitamins.

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