Diet Impact: Quick Summary

29 Oct

Diets should contain protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, and an appropriate amount of fat for optimum hair growth.

The needs (minerals, protein, vitamins) of your follicle (roots) MUST be satisfied so you can reach your optimum hair growth. When you are healthy it is possible to maximize your genetic growth cycle by eating the proper blend of amino acids (Protein forming blocks) and B-vitamins. A lack of protein in your diet can slow down or stop altogether your hair growth, your hair could even start to shed. Lack of vitamins in your diet can lead to potential loss of hair and substantial degradation of your hair health. A lack of essential fatty acids can generate dandruff, dry, brittle hair or eczema all of which may lead to hair loss. A balanced food diet would be ineffective without proper blood flow to the hair. It may be beneficial to increase the circulation.

Now is the time to start planning your diet ! 🙂

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