Grow and Retain Long and Healthy Afro Hair

25 Oct

Becoming Natural is a fantastic adventure ! It is a way to rediscover one of our hidden nature. Most of us have not seen our natural hair for decades and have many misconceptions about its true nature. We all know the apprehension of becoming natural, whether it is the fear of how we will look with our natural hair or wondering where to start when becoming natural.

If you are considering becoming natural, but still have some apprehensions, just know it is perfectly understandable ! Many of us have gone through that ! Just remember that nowadays there is plenty of available information as well as massive support networks to guide you through your steps. It is potentially the best moment to start your natural journey.

You could start to watch more youtube videos of women in their natural journeys as it will certainly inspire you and help you to demystify many aspects of our natural hair…and help you realise that after all it is not that difficult. Once you start doing it, you will start to get the hang of things.

You can choose to Big Chop (cut the relax hair) or to Transition (grow your natural hair while keeping the relaxed texture) according to your desire ! Whichever option you choose, please put loads of fun and patience in your journey. We will give you the right map to navigate through your hair journey, so, remember to enjoy every step of it ! And be patient !

If you have been natural for years rocking about the same hair length, thinking it is your ‘genetically determined length’, this guide will interest you. You are certainly thinking that if your hair could grow past shoulder length, you would have known by now ! But the reality is, you don’t know what you don’t know ! 🙂 And that might be the reason why… (Please watch Kimmaytube Hair Growth Journey)

More and more Afro women are growing healthy long hair, whether they are of mixed ethnical background or NOT.  If you want to grow your hair past your plateau length, you will need to abolish certain engrained habits that destroy your hair, so you can embrace new ones and get the results you seek. If what you have done until today didn’t give you the results you wanted (your hair is still not strong and/or long), you have to CHANGE STRATEGY. The results you want should dictate what you do (within reason and integrity of course)!

When we start a new journey, we often feel vulnerable of not knowing what to do next, so, the guide will provide you with the ‘step by step’. You will need to be consistent. The key to your journey will be to learn from the feedback YOUR HAIR will give you. We have gathered key common advices and methods from women with healthy afro hair longer than ‘BraStrap’ and have crammed everything into this guide to help you achieve your hair length goal. So let’s get started ! You will only start to see results as you apply the knowledge… That is the rule of the game..


With Love, Erika B


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