Hair Handling: Determine your hair type

29 Oct

Why do we start by assessing your hair type? Because we know you want to know! Haha !Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 23.35.00

More seriously, determining your hair type will actually help with basic understanding of your hair needs. It will help you select the right hair care regimen for your hair, as well as styling options.

The key understanding in hair typing is : the tighter your coils, the more fragile your hair is (more prone to breakage). The tighter your coils, the more potential rupture points there is. If you take the time to look at an individual strand of your hair closely, you will notice that where your hair curls it is usually thinner. This is one o
f the key reasons, why type 4 hair tend to be shorter. They can break way more easily. 

The key point of finding roughly your hair type is to be able to give it adequate care, and do appropriate protective styles (if needed). Type 3 hair, are less prone to breakage that type 4 (due to their looser curl pattern that tangles less and has fewer ‘breaking points) and therefore require a bit less emphasis on protective styling for the strands. But, types 3 and 4 require both moisture and protection of the tips (ends).

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