Hair Handling: Protecting your edges

30 Oct

Many of us have done it! In the attempt of having a sleek hair style or when aiming for a ‘do’ to last longer, you have applied excessive tension… Repetitive excessive tension can lead to hair on your edges being damaged, broken. Sometimes, the damage can be temporary, but on certain occasions, we may have pulled too much, too often and have damaged the follicle permanently. And if the follicle is damaged, there will be no or low re-growth.. So, ladies, please be extra gentle with your edges. Don’t braid as tight, it will only cause damage on the long term.

How to know if it is too tight? If you cannot move your head properly, if you need to take a paracetamol to withstand the pain, if the tension causes little pimples where the hair is  snatched…It is definitely TOO Tight ! You are at risk of causing traction alopecia ! Now, the symptoms do not need to be so extreme for a style to cause damage, so please listen to your edges, give ’em some love 🙂 Look at them regularly and adjust your styling so you won’t break those edges…

Other weathering effects include chlorine from swimming pools, friction from towel drying, sea, and wind.

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