Hair Handling: Protecting your Tips (ends)

30 Oct

The tip of our hair is its oldest part and the most fragile (because hair grows from the roots, the roots are always the newest sprouts !). The tips are drier and more brittle. No matter how fast your hair grows, if the tip is brittle, it will break and you will not retain length. When damaged /brittle hair break, while new hair grows, it does appear as if your hair is not growing. So, increase moisture focus on your tips as well as protective styling (where your tips are tucked in) are imperative.

Hair is made of Amino-acids. Cystine (an amino acid naturally present in hair) is consistently lower in the tips of damaged hair compared to their roots, while cysteic acid (an amino acid) is found in increasing amounts. Cysteic acid occurs from the oxidation of cystine and is not a naturally occurring amino acid in normal hair.

Trimming your hair on a regular basis. It may sound counter-intuitive but trimming your hair can actually promote hair retention. When split ends develop, it does weaken hair and causes it to break. If you trim regularly, it will significantly reduce split ends, leading to stronger and better-looking hair. Trimming can require to remove as little as few millimetres to few centimetres.

How to know how much to trim? Assess by looking thoroughly at your hair and trim what is needed. No point in keeping damaged hair. But a trim is not a cut neither. No point removing too much, too often, otherwise you will not see the result of your hair care regimen, you will cut it all.

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