Hair Handling: Type 4 hair characteristics

29 Oct

(Credit to Naptural85)

If you consider that your hair will grow on average 1.5 cm a month (which is  a bit more than 15cm a year), you won’t keep those 15cm if every single day your hair snaps and breaks because of harsh manipulation, dryness and regular friction. Little by little the growth is eroded letting you believe that you have reached your ‘genetically determined length’. Our hair breakage is general not really visible (because we mainly loose little bits of coils at the time). So since it is not that visible, it is generally not alarming to us. But don’t be fooled! You will need to address it if you want to retain your growth.

Our hair grows from the roots which are embedded in our scalp. To retain growth every year it is essential to prevent breakage of the strands and tips and keep the hair moisturised !

Please read on to make sure to apply those simple principles correctly

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