JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY Are you ready for intimacy? Ep.16

12 Sep

I remember, just a few months after my third big chop and last texturiser, I met this gorgeous young chocolate man. Our relationship grew to become very intimate. And for the first time I was experiencing the mix “natural coils and boy-friend”.

To be really honest I was quite anxious.  My past experience has let me quite wary of “natural mane and relationship”. I was scared of the “Drenched pillow” experience to happen while being with my new partner. And you know what?! It did … I was still working out the practicalities of being a naturalista…How did it make me feel I hear you asking ? Well, a tad vulnerable…It was the first time, I was facing letting someone into what was for me, at the time, my most intimate and personal journey.

But this time, I wanted “Mister Right” to know me with my natural attributes first!  No hair secrets between us! That was my rule! Because learning to love my hair has been such a key element in my self-love journey and rediscovering of my beauty and femininity, I needed to share with him. I wanted him to be part of it. The first few months, we had quite a few long conversational hours about “hair politics”, and I recommended to him few key books that has truly impacted my journey (one of them is: “Hair Story: Untangling the roots of black hair in America), because at this time it was the only way I felt he could understand me! Hair and relationship has been such a taboo for me in the past few years. But this time I decided to be fully open about it!

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