JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY Everybody knows: no one touches a Black woman hair! Ep.17

12 Sep

I was at first quite reluctant for him to touch my hair. I know, it sounds so stereotypical. And I said no more taboo between us! But Ladies, to be honest, after my genitalia, my hair was the most intimate part of my body! So so intimate and delicate!! The more our relationship grew the more it became obvious. He will touch my coils soon! Scary thought (at the time)! I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it but I was feeling pretty vulnerable, such a private matter. Although I was still in my “Hairymoon” (the Hair Honeymoon), so no doubt about my hair; I was worry he may not love it enough. What if he doesn’t love the feel of it? What if he doesn’t love the massive pouf I have after my shampoo and before styling? What if, what if, what if…I was slightly torn, because I was not feeling in control!

But, paradoxically, a part of me was hoping he would one day want to play with my hair spontaneously and love the feel of it. Deep down inside I really wanted him to try and style my hair, just for fun! And have a good laugh about it! I know many of you may think “She is crazy!” ! lol ! I forgive you ! But I was secretly hoping for this level of intimacy to be reached. And I was just scared to death, because it was a truly new way for me to approaching intimacy! Have any of you ever desire this level of complicity with the person she loves?

To be continued

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