JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY How did it all start? Ep.1

12 Sep

I was 15 the first time I relaxed my hair, it was agreed with Mum.
“Only when you will be 15, not before” Mum said… So, I couldn’t wait! Can you imagine the thrill, the excitment?

It was like finally getting the authorisation to become “Pretty”…

I know, it does sound awful when I say it so openly, right? But I will keep it real with you!
My journey back to being natural started from a place of hurt and self-hatred…I think it is important for me to be authentic with you guys and share my raw truth as I hope it would help some of us.

Perming my hair was a big step out of childhood and a massive jump into what I imagined at the time to be “Femininity” and “Beauty”…

I was sure I would feel more confident, more love-worthy, more watchable ! This perm-thing, seemed to have it all ! It looked like the best solution not to ever feel inadequate/akward again !!!

I don’t know if my family understood the motives behind getting a perm and the ill-being that the perm was supposed to heal…

I was, at the time, trying to convince myself that it was ok, “Don’t all “real” teens have a perm??”

But you see, deep down inside, I knew something was wrong; why should I “NEED” a relaxer to feel “PRETTY”? Why should I need a relaxer to feel OK with my reflection in the mirror? How come a relaxer was so crucial to my sense of self-worth and acceptation?

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