JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY In Bed with my coils! The drenched pillow! (or “Soaking wet pillow”) Ep.15

12 Sep

Newly naturals, raise your hands! (Please don’t be shy)

Have any of you ever moisturized your hair so much, only to wake-up the next morning with your pillow drenched in oil or moisturiser?! I know I have been there! We are going quite deep here, very intimate! Lol! Sometimes, the pillow is so soaking drenched that even your face benefit from it!  You wake up with a shiny moisturized skin but hair dry like hay! The moisture went everywhere but didn’t stay in the hair! I am sure I am not the only one here! Come on ladies, don’t be shy! Raise your hands too! lol

When you are sleeping on your own, that is not such a big deal, you just flip the pillow side, right?! Just kidding! You learn your lesson: moderate hydration is definitely the way to go!

What when you are sharing your bed?

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