JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY Let’s find inspiration, now! Ep.6

12 Sep

Let’s find inspiration now.. But where?

Where? Family? Friends?...

Most people around me, at the time, had chemically processed hair. And no one seemed to really grasp what my decision was about! The opinions around me, seemed much more to say “You were not blessed with nice hair, just get over it”, “Why you want to do that to yourself? Just put a wig, or a weave-on or something!” As I couldn’t really compare my hair realistically with looser curl patterns, (I realized early on that my hair would never naturally behave that way, despite many attempts! And you know what guys? That was a painful realisation!Lol) I then needed to find what pretty was for my hair type… The first step was then to dissociate myself emotionally from this “fair skin, loose curl beauty ideal”. Being realistic, I am a world apart from this canon of beauty!

Does it condemn me not to be pretty? Of course not ! Only if I choose to!

If I want to become a “feel good in her own skin” woman, I have to give-up trying desperately to look like somebody else. And instead, choose to look the best me I can with all my natural attributes! The problem was, looking around me, I could rarely see dark skin girls (like me) rocking their hair and looking blissfully radiant and confident.

I need to state something, before going further, I am not against pressing or straightening our hair, for a change; or nothing against the use of extensions, weave or wigs as protective styling options! But not as hair REPLACEMENT!

For me, if I cannot look into the mirror without those fakes and love what I see, there is a PROBLEM! You get what I mean…

I therefore needed another source of inspiration. Magazines? I hear you laughing already!
Yes, I did try. I was vulnerable and was desperately hoping to find “Dark skin Coily hair models” that would become my icons, full my inspiration and transcend my love journey ! I flicked through several hundreds of pages in vein. Then turn to the net!

I spent hours and hours the on web. Googling “Afro hair beauty” ” Afro hair care maintenance tips”, “Afro hair styling options” and so on! And this is when it happened; in my inner quest to reconcile with my coily beauty, I stumbled upon YOUTUBE, and its YOUTUBERS. Hundreds and hundreds of coily, curly, wavy beauties sharing tips,“do’s & don’ts”, struggles, accomplishments and their journeys!

“Carry on clicking Sister, you are getting warmer!” I thought!

And you know what? Discovering this community was one of the best things that happened in my life! I am not kidding! Can you imagine that for the first time, I was able to witness 4c hair type grow to hip lenght (check sera2544)! Kickass styling options (check Simplyounique)! Amazing maintenance tips (check Naptural85)! Scientific insights (check Kimmaytube)! Those women are Pioneers, they have opened the breach and are inspiring, emulating thousands of people every day! I had found my castle! Here it was; the inspiration I needed and had been searching for years! In abundance, for all hair types, for all beauty types!

I know now that “Dark skin, Coily Hair” is celebrated too!

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