JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY Speaking my hair Love Languages Ep.14

12 Sep

Which one of you is familiar with the ‘Five Love Languages’? If you are not, please go and read that book now please ! lol ! (But, only after you are done with reading my story 🙂 ) This book is a love-life saviour, when you think love is gone forever and could never be re-kindled with your lost lover, friend, etc here it comes and Boum-Shaka-Boum it does teach you that it could be otherwise !

You do not have to resign to a life of misery with a long-time partner, you could learn to speak its love language !…

All is well ladies, I can hear you thinking “Where is she going with that?”, “What does it have to do with Hair?”, “Focus Erika, Focus !” Lol…So here, I come to the point…I have found out the two love languages of my hair: Quality time and Act of services ! Shaka-Boum !

And, this is how I managed to gradually re-establish a loving and satisfying relationship with my hair. Our love tanks are both full ! I am giving it the time required on a regular basis in order for it to receive the TLC (Tender Love and Care) it needs; and in return, guess what, my hair would complement my by remaining soft, lush and fab !

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