JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY The first steps: hit and miss Ep.9

12 Sep

I needed to learn how to care for my hair, how to wash it without it becoming all matted on the top of my head, dry and hard like hay. I needed to understand that even if my hair is a 4c type (the coilyest hair type); it could be soft and manageable if I knew how to groom it. Initially, I would have days with and days without. Sometimes my hair will be manageable and soft and without understanding why, the next day everything will be rough and dry 🙁 Sounds familiar?

Then, I started to understand that I could retain length! Yes ladies ! Real long natural afro hair that is COMPLETELY MINE !!

Let’s get right to business here and dispel those myths ! Our hair could grow ‘cray-cray’ length once we know how to care for it ! And yes, even if we are not mixed race, and yes even if we didn’t have long hair as a child, and yes even if all of our family has very short hair ! The problem is that we had been inflicting so many bad treatments to our hair (without even knowing!!) that we assume the length we have has to be our determined genetic length ! But it couldn’t be further from the truth ! When we understand that the keys to length retention are hydration/conditioning, protective styling, gentle manipulation and healthy diet in between other, then we gradually start better grooming regimen that in the long run allow to grow healthy long hair…

I realised that none of had to be a hit and miss process! I could grow my hair every month and the results could be gradually visible…

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