JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY The Love story! The Honeymoon Ep.11

12 Sep

That was it! I was finally in love! And like newlyweds we couldn’t spend long time apart. My hands couldn’t stop running through my hair. And my mane couldn’t be more radiant. The communication was optimum; I knew now what my moisturized hair should look and feel like and I would adapt in a “fraction of second” if I felt the harmony was about the break. I got really observant, to the point I could speak the same language my hair does! “You’re squeaking Hun!? Too much clarifying shampoo? Not a problem, I’ve got your back Babe!”

This is the moment I realised for the first time that when my hair is truly moisturised, my coils would be defined! I thought I just had a fuzz with no definition! And believe me, that was a true breakthrough!

My hair was like a “Trophy husband”, you know, so handsome you would want everyone to know he is your hubby! I would be taking pictures of my new growth every month, and asking my friends all the time “Do you think my hair is longer now?” or “What do you think, they are quite soft, are they?”… Come on, don’t let others believe I am the only one it did happen to ?! Lol ! Admit it too Cheeky You ! 🙂 I had never been so adventurous and creative with styling options, lush time…I would dedicate entire week-ends (Yes, You have read well !! Entire week-ends!) to deep-condition, pre-shampoo, shampoo, finger detangling and all the click…

I would think about my hair all day long, and as one can dream of her future life with her Honey boo, I would be dreaming about all the amazing Do’s and accessories I would be able to do or use as soon as it would hit a certain length…

I was even feeling fully feminine with my natural coils! Check me out! Lol! That was completely new for me! This is when I realized that whatever would happen between us now, I could not go back anymore to a relaxer! Perm time was definitely over! I had won my challenge; I had managed to change my conception of beauty! I knew now that the Beauty Paradigm Shift was real for me! What could go wrong?

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