JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY The “virtual Big Sisters” and when it all started! Ep.7

12 Sep

(credit to Kimmaytube)

After witnessing the beauty of afro hair on the web, I couldn’t wait to start transitioning and experimenting with natural styles! And finally, I found them, my first “4c Beauty Icons” (thank you Youtube); I cannot describe to you how ecstatic I was. They were embodying for me, at that time, a beauty ideal I only could dream about. The deep chocolate tones of their skin, their general femininity and a “feel good in their own skin” sensation, crowned with gorgeous head of coils! They were the ideal “4c Beauty” I could relate to. Identifying with their features didn’t push me to distort or hate my natural attributes; on the contrary, it did help me to look at them with more love, and finding beauty in them. No need to emulate a beauty ideal that is not mine!

The Virtual big sisters!

They became my virtual “big sisters”…
And like a little sister, whom will always be looking up to her older sibling, I started mimicking everything they would do without (initially) adapting it to my own hair (despite their advices). From the products recommended, to the number of time their hair was being washed in a week…I was missing the point! Which was learning to feel my hair and understanding its needs! After all, if their hair were so lush and thriving so well, it was because they had learn to reply to its need adequately. That was what I should aim for!!

The most import thing of all when one is becoming natural is to realize that not two heads of hair are the same! Of course there are general rules for all, but one should not forget that we are all unique!

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