JOURNEY BACK TO NATURAL BEAUTY Transitioning, Big Chopping! The learning curve Ep.8

12 Sep

Like many of you ladies, at first the idea of ‘Big Chopping’ (cutting all the relaxed hair, to only leave the new growth) was a tad too brutal. So I opted first for ‘transitioning’ (gradually letting the natural hair growing, leaving the two textures to co-exist). Then, was ‘protective styling’ (styling option that protect the strands and ends from friction and damages) my hair in big box braids or twist most of the time.

To summarise the first part of my hair journey, I went through two ‘transitions’ and three ‘big chops’. I know, I know… You thought my struggles were over already? That would have been too easy! Lol! It was not a straight forward process. I was battling with accepting the newly discovered nature of my hair and how I looked. And as I was not yet near my “virtual sisters” results, it was generating many frustrations. I was sometimes running out of patience, and this is why I would go back to the only thing I knew best at the time: PERMING.

But, my desire to reach my new beauty ideal goal was now very deeply rooted…

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