Regimen: Conditioning

30 Oct

Why a specific conditioning section?

In between shampoo sessions, you may choose to condition your hair so it keep moisturised, supple and manageable. You can choose to deep condition once a week or apply an intensive conditioner once every so often. You can even choose to apply a leave-in conditioner on a daily basis to maintain your hair manageability and water content. Let’s discuss the different types of conditioners.


Conditioners make the hair more flexible by increasing the strands’ water content and making the outside of the hair more slippery thanks to molecules called ‘quats’ (quaternium) allowing easier combing process.

To achieve “good conditioning” effect, products have to leave an “oily” layer on the hair which acts as a lubricant. The main function of this layer on the hair is to enable a good ease of combing both in the wet and the dry state. One of the main functions of conditioning products is, to prevent physical damage being done to the hair.

Intensive rinse-off conditioners

Intensive rinse-off conditioners are usually intended for less frequent use on hair that has been damaged. They may be designed for a longer treatment period before rinsing off. A higher level of conditioning is usually delivered from these products and usually they are thicker as well as “creamier” than the basic conditioners. Because of their thickness the products may be packaged in tubes or jars. They generally contain more conditioning ingredients.

Conditioning Treatments

Conditioning treatments are the most caring or repairing type of conditioners. They usually are serums or hot oils and can be in the form of waxes.

You can choose to do one or several of those treatments a few times in a week or a month, according to your hair needs. Your best indicator will be how supple, moisturised or, dry and difficult to manage your hair is. Thanks to that feed back you will be able to adjust your conditioning regimen.

Leave-in conditioners

Leave-in conditioners are good at delivering material to the hair as nothing is washed away. They are a great option to keep natural hair moisturised for a longer period of time. Leave-in conditioners can be applied on a daily basis.

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