Regimen: How to Shampoo Your Hair

30 Oct

Shampoo (Credit to Reniece – Reniece Hair TV)

The aim is to manage to handle your hair with care, and reduce breakage during the shampoo. This will be done by avoiding that your hair get tangled and is then snatched. That way, you while finish your shampoo with tangles-free hair.

Step 1 – Detangle and twist/or braid: With your fingers gently detangle your hair, then part your hair into smaller sections and twist/braid that section

Step 2 – Rinse your hair: Keep your hair in twists/braids then soak your hair

Step 3 – Shampoo and condition one section at the time: Once your hair is soaked, unravel one braid/twist at the time and apply the shampoo to the section in a squeezing downward motion. Once you have completed to shampoo a twist/braid, rinse thoroughly and apply your conditioner the same way, then re-form the twist/braid. Then move to the next twist/braid. When applying the conditioner you are welcome to detangle your hair with with a wide tooth comb or a brush (e.g. Demnam brush).

Step 4 –  Final Rinse: At that stage your hair is covered in conditioner. You can rinse the twists/braids without unravelling them.

Step 5 – Airdry or Blowdry: Once you are done. You can pat dry your hair and apply a leave-in. You can then choose to let your hair air dry whilst still in twist, or blow-dry (on cold setting).

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