Regimen: Moisturising

30 Oct

 How to moisturise your hair?

We have discussed earlier the importance of handling your hair with care and keeping it moisturised to avoid breakage. We will discuss now HOW TO keep your hair moisturised day in day out.

L.O.C Method

The L.O.C method consists in a three steps process of layering moisture and sealing it in the hair strand. L.O.C stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream.

SteScreen Shot 2015-10-31 at 18.52.52p 1 – Liquid – consists in applying a water-based liquid to the hair. Water being the best source of moisture (unless it less left to evaporate and can leave the hair being even more brittle), it can be sprayed on its own to the hair. Some choose to apply at this stage a leave-in conditioner, which has the benefit of containing some ‘quaternium’ (conditioning ingredients) which can leave the hair feeling smoother and easier to comb.

Step 2 – Oil – consists in  applying an oil to the hair, to prevent evaporation of the water/or water-based product applied in step 1. The oil will be ‘sealing’ the water to the hair. Different type of oils can be used according to your preferences (e.g. Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Almond, Oil). (Jojoba: Although usually called jojoba oil, it is not an oil. It is, in fact, a liquid wax; can be used here thanks to its penetrating properties).

Step 3 – Cream – consists normally in applying a butter to the hair aiming to further prevent the evaporation of the water and providing some ‘emollient’ properties. So, you could use butters such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter.

Why does the L.O.C Method works? In summary, Water is reducing the ‘surface tension’ of your afro hair, which makes it easier to apply an oil afterwards; your hair will be a bit more slippery and malleable. Plus water does lift up your cuticles a little. That will allow the layer of oil to penetrate the hair shaft. You will need to apply less product (oil) to obtain the same result (compared to not applying water initially). The first layer of oil (step 2) provides some sealing and act as an emollient. The second layer (step 3 – applying a butter) will seal it further. The oil individual molecules are a bit smaller than the butter ones, so, they will penetrate further in the strand. While the butter individual molecules are bigger and therefore will tend to sit on the surface of the strand, coating it. The synergy of both (deep penetration in the strand and sitting on top) help to keep your hair supple and malleable while sealing the water in the strand.

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