Regimen: Protective and or Low Manipulation Styles

30 Oct


Protective styles are styles which protect your hair from breakage by limiting  hair snatching and its friction against rough surfaces. For example a high bun, crochet braids can be classed as protective styles. Low manipulation styles are styles that does not require more grooming once they are in place. For example, Twist, braids, box braid, crochet braids.. A style can be protective and low manipulation at the time. For example, high bun, crochet braids, twists in a high pony tail or bun…Your options are endless !

Please always remember to moisturise (L.O.C method) your hair whilst in protective styles, otherwise, the hair may loose it tensile ability and break ! Remember moisture is a key element in length retention..

Below are some links to some protective and some low manipulation styles from Simplyounique ! Be inspired, browse freely to find your inspiration.

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