Regimen: Review your results and adjust your routine

30 Oct

Once you have your hair routine for a little while, the main question you should ask yourself is : ‘How does your current hair routine work for you?’

If your hair feels overall more moisturised, supple and manageable you are holding the right end of the stick.

If on the contrary, despite some effort your hair is not responding well, know that you are not the only one experiencing this with afro hair. And aim to identify which step of the process is currently not working.

Most of us do not include in our regimen a time to review and assess our progress, but it is crucial to allow us to adjust our routine and get closer to our hair goals !

Examples of questions you could ask yourself to review your routine :

Is your hair still too dry despite everything? 

Are you wetting your hair with water without sealing it afterwards? Are you drying your hair with hot setting on your air dryer (instead of a cool setting)?Are you rushing through the conditioning time, without ensuring that your hair feels really moisturised afterwards?(A good Tip: you can melt some shea butter and blend it with your conditioner in a bowl, that way your hair is likely to retain the moisturise) Are you not consistent in your routine? etc…

Is your hair still breaking despite everything?

Middle Strand? Ends? Roots?

  • Middle strand breaking is usually due to too high tension on protective style, causing the strand to break. Or can be an indication that the hair is too fragile due to a lack of protein
  • Ends breaking? Lack of moisture and conditioning, (and/or protein)
  •  Roots breaking ? You are potentially experiencing shedding or are ripping your edges off. Can you see the little white bulb attached to hair strand? If yes, then it is shedding or edge ‘rape’. To identify which one it is check for iron deficiency (visit your doctor) and traction alopecia (by making sure your ‘does’ are not too tight).

Once you have completed your assessment, correct your routine ! Fine-tune it until you master it, using your hair feedback as a indicator of success (supple, moisturised hair that grow with reduced breakage) or points to improve (constant dryness and breakage…)

Pictures: Another tip, take regular pictures! Every months or so. Sometimes our progress is so gradual that we do not even realise that there has been progress. Pictures can be the best testimony of your progress. Try to take your pictures with similar lighting or t-shirt on so it is easy to compare and see progress. And remember to wear a colour that contrast with the colour of your hair so it it easy to see the demarcation of your hair ! 🙂

Calendar: Once you have planned your routine, put key dates (cleaning day, deep conditioning day…) in your calendar ! Yes, in your calendar ! Because a dream without a plan and a day in the calendar will always stay a dream ! So, book the time in so you know you will commit to it. Only consistent doing  will give you the results you seek.

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